7/4/20 Update Although the Lansing Region case rates have decreased in the last week, the region remains High risk level. The Grand Rapids Region increased to High risk level this week after three weeks of increased cases. The Detroit Region has increased to the Medium High risk level based on case rate and percent positivity increases over three weeks. The Kalamazoo and Jackson Regions are at the Medium risk level. However, data from both regions indicates they may increase in risk level shortly. Case rates and testing positivity have declined in the Saginaw Region over the past week, which continues to be at the Medium risk level. Traverse City and Upper Peninsula Regions have seen increased case rates and testing positivity, and both are now at the Medium risk level.

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Risk Levels

1: uncontrolled growth

2: high risk

3: med-high risk

4: medium risk

5: low risk

6: post-pandemic

not assigned

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Map colors reflect official risk levels which convey the risk of spread of the epidemic in a region. They may differ from the MI Safe Start economic engagement phases and guidance, which can be found here. Determinations of risk levels are made for entire regions, based on individual indicators and other epidemiologic information. Individual indicators, shown on the right side, are computed for counties as well as regions.
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Indicators, Trends, and Risk Determinations as of:

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Color legend for case thresholds per million per day. Over 40=high; 20 to 40=medium high; 7 to 20=medium; less than 7=low
Color legend for percent positive test thresholds. Over 20 percent=high; 10 to 20 percent=medium high; 3-10 percent=medium; less than 3 percent=low